Welcome to Brutal Dildo

Welcome to Brutal Dildo!

We know what you were probably expecting when you visited this site. Well, sorry to disappoint you. We are not talking about that! Instead, let us try to explain what we call a brutal dildo back here.

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What is a Brutal Dildo?

Well, our definition of a brutal dildo is a man who is just emotionally unavailable and arrogant. This is a person that you will give your all, and love dearly, but he will just not notice it.
We are talking about a man you will commit to, but notice that they don’t necessarily feel the same way. A brutal dildo is the kind of man who will always want to keep the relationship casual, or rather undefined, without committing emotionally.
What that means is that they will spend time with you, be intimate with you, and do other ‘relationship-ey’ things, but without any emotional attachments. This type of guy is just afraid of long-term relationships and will not want to take the relationship to the next stage. That means you will forever be my girlfriend.
You will feel like you are just a side chick, as you will probably never meet his family. Your relationship is a ‘secret’ between the two of you. Of course, he will never tell you that, but you will sort of figure it out along the way.
What hurts the most about that is that you will invest your time and feelings into the relationship, only to realise that your “boyfriend” only sees you as a “friend with benefits,” nothing more.

Why Brutal Dildo?

So, we decided to come up with this name and website, so that we can share it with other women who have been in the same situation before. We know that a lot of women can relate to this. The bad thing is that most of the time, a lot of women out there just don’t know how to deal with these types of men.
At the end of the day, it hurts to realise that the next person has been messing with your feelings. So, we are here to vent. Not only that, but we also want to try and give fellow women some advice on how they can deal with these dickheads *excuse our French*.

Perhaps one of the reasons why brutal dildos are emotionally unavailable is that they hate having to deal with their emotions; things like having to deal with the pain when the relationship finally ends. However, in the process, they fail to realise they are also hurting their partner.

At the end of the day, they are these heartless beings that go about hurting other people’s feelings. As a result, they will forever be single. Their relationships last only for a while before they move on to the next one.

So, if you are a woman, and can relate, this is the site for you. Come along and let us teach you how to deal with a brutal dildo.

What You’ll Find Here

Identifying Emotionally Unavailable Traits
Our platform offers an in-depth exploration of the signs and characteristics that typify emotionally unavailable men. By understanding these traits, you can pinpoint when you’re dealing with someone who is emotionally distant.
Understanding the Reasons Behind Emotional Unavailability
To help you comprehend the underlying factors that contribute to emotional unavailability, we provide insights into the psychological and emotional aspects that drive this behaviour.
Self-Care and Empowerment
We’ll guide you through the importance of self-care and emotional well-being while navigating a relationship with an emotionally unavailable partner. It’s vital to prioritize your mental and emotional health.
Communication and Boundaries
Effective communication and setting healthy boundaries are crucial in any relationship. Our platform explores strategies for both, giving you the tools to navigate these challenges.
Support and Community
Connect with others who’ve faced similar experiences in our supportive community. Share your stories, learn from others, and find encouragement as you navigate your unique journey.
Moving Forward
Ultimately, we aim to guide one of the most important decisions—whether to stay and work through the challenges in your relationship with an emotionally unavailable man, or whether it’s time to move forward towards a healthier and more fulfilling chapter in your life.